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Directional Drilling Services & Solutions in Alberta & British Columbia

Earthworm Horizontal Drilling Ltd has provided trenchless directional drilling services to clients in locations throughout British Columbia and Alberta since 1995. As owner-operators, we have provided safe and efficient drilling services to various companies from the oil and gas, mining, and civil utilities sectors.

We employ in-house and on-site surveying, using a “Total Station and GNSS (GPS) Serving Systems” along with “AutoCad” for bore planning, crossing design, and real-time bore profile and navigation management, providing you with the most accurate techniques and in-ground position measurement available.

As experts who are dedicated to delivering the highest standards in service, we help our customers with all of their trenchless needs. We can precisely cross under roads, railroads, rivers, creeks, muskegs, swamps, hills, and even under some buildings with accurate direction, grade, and depth control. Our abilities are enough to accomplish grade sewer installations, bore intersects, or existing pipe mate-ups. These services are accompanied by “AutoCad” generated AsBuilt files or drawings.

We employ a Geo-Magnetic “SST” Azimuth steering tool for HDD jobs where walk over locating is not suitable or great depth beyond any walkover locating system is required.

Our Services

We offer the following services:

Horizontal drilling

Auger boring

Pipe ramming

Pipe bursting

Certified HDPE pipe fusing up to 18”

Underground utility locates

Gas and oil field pipelines

HDD steering service

Bore planning and mapping

LWD service


Water lines

Sewer lines

Gas lines

Electrical and telecom conduits


In-house HDD tooling design and machining

In-house Survey and Bore design

HDD consulting

Hydro vac services

Solid rock capabilities

Certified PVC up to 16”

For more information about our directional drilling services, or to put our experience to work for you, please call Earthworm Horizontal Drilling Ltd.


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