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Environmental Policies Followed in Alberta & British Columbia

Earthworm Horizontal Drilling Ltd. recognizes that a sound environmental policy makes business sense. Our Company is committed to delivering safe, reliable services in an environmentally responsible manner to the clients that we serve. We are committed to pollution prevention; the conservation of resources and the continual improvement of our environmental management systems and performance.


Involvement and commitment of management are paramount and the responsibility of every employee in the application of this policy. Managers, supervisors and employees are held accountable for their environment performance.


Earthworm Horizontal Drilling Ltd. Is Committed to:

  • Comply with all levels of environmental legislation, regulations, and standards of environmental protection;
  • Provide information to our clients on key environment issues related to our operations;
  • Support community-oriented environmental initiatives and programs;
  • Provide employees with the information necessary to make informed decisions, ensuring all employees recognize and understand their responsibility to follow Earthworm Horizontal Drilling Ltd. environmental policies and procedures.
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