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Gallery of Horizontal Drilling Projects in Alberta & British Columbia

EHD crews are set up to handle any change in scope on every project!  EHD has proactively taken the stand to dispatch all crews with the knowledge, skillset and tools to successfully complete the job within the scheduled timeframe! 

2020 Kitimat

Project Description:  Earthworm Horizontal Drilling Ltd. also offers shallow utility turnkey solutions to our customers.  On this project, Telecommunications and Hydro ducts were installed for future servicing of a subdivision.  EHD sucessfully completed all aspects of the project for our client inclusive of design/build, survey and construction up to and including commissioning.   



Project Description:   EHD installed 200m of gas main on 15th Ave in Prince George, BC.     


Project Description: Telus Telecommunications Falcon Project in Prince George, BC.




2020 Hudson Hope

Project Description:  Using a wireless EM Steering tool, two parallel bores of 2” steel gas mains were installed.  The bore path was drilled uphill 360m with a 47m elevation change and 30+m depth!  It was critical to have a deep bore to avoid the fracture zone of the hill.


2019 Terrace duct bundles

Project Description: The pilot hole was drilled with 3650DR Rock system and then reamed and pulled with JT8020.

2019 Ft St James

Project Description: 2300m of 6” water main was installed along hwy in winter conditions.

2018 Water main looping

Project Description:   Three 24” cased bores were installed using auger boring and pipe ramming to complete this project given the complex conditions.

2017 Nechako Subdivision:

Project Description: This remote, winter project required working along railway tracks.  36” and 48” culvert pipes were installed under the tracks without any delays to the train scedule!

2015 Residential 4’ gravity sewer line under the house

Project Description: Drilled under the house for connection to city sewer.

Summer 2015: Augering on Hwy 97

Project Description: 90m of 36" and 36m of 48" steel pipe was installed along the hwy.  A pilot drill and in-house surveying was used to enure the accuracy and precision of this project.

2015 Prince Rupert Ferry Terminal

Project Description: 42" steel pipe installed over 25m of very rocky terrain.

Rock Jobs

Rainbow Summit, Prince Rupert

2014 Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim National Park

Project Description: 2000 m of 8" HDPE installed in a very sensitive ecological area!

Pipe ramming

Various Projects around BC

2012 Ft. St. John:

Project Description: 1200 m 8’’ Sewer force main and road and rail crossings, with HDD installation of 24’’ steel casing.

2010 Fort Nelson:

60 m 18’’ HDPE intake through the berm of the town water reservoir

2010 Masset, Haida Gwaii

Total Project: 8’ HDPE water line 600 m under the harbour and 8’ sewer line 350 m

Note: Two 300 m bores were completed under the harbour. The sewer line was drilled under a culturally modified tree.

HDPE and Fusible PVC


2007 Fraser Fort George:

3.5 km 4’’ sewer force main

Waterline Lake Intakes

Various Lakes around BC

Miscellaneous Photos

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